It’s Friday….I put in my 40 hours sometime midday yesterday, but here I am STILL working on getting the #%(#*&$$@^&^#$&)_!@** system happy!  And you know what I want?  What would taste OH SO GOOD?  THIS!  It’s healthy – there’s fresh fruit in it!  I think 2 or 3 blenderfuls of those would be just the ticket….  ;)

The Evil Trainer kicked my ass for an hour this morning, I’m tired and sore, but I feel good!  Also talked to his fiancee about taking some Pilates sessions with her (she’s the Pilates instructor at the gym).  I’m thinking maybe 2x a month in addition to the Evil Trainer.  I just realized I forgot to talk to him about maybe seeing him Thursdays as well, dammit!  I’ll have to shoot him an email.

After I saw the ET, I met a couple friends and their baby for lunch.  The plan had been healthy foods at Whole Foods…..  Wellll, I was really hungry, and they had some mexican food in the hot food section that looked tasty, so that was my choice.  The GOOD news is I realized about 4 bites in that there was no way in HELL I would ever be able to finish what I had on my plate, so my friend’s hubby took half of the food on my plate for himself.  Good for me, bad for him.  I also had a couple cannolis for dessert – they were a TOTAL disappointment!  Not crispy at all, even the pistachios were soggy, and the filling just wasn’t that great.  FAIL!

The other good news is that I’m 1 day fast food free!  Breakfast was oatmeal with dried cranberries, flax meal, and Udo’s – NOT McD’s…  I’m also day 1 diet soda free!    YAY ME!  :D