Still need to put my foot in the ass of the fired Sysadmin….9.5 hours today so far to recover a system which got all f’ed up because of the dumbass way he configured it…..and I’ve got at least 2 more hours work to go.

That means no pool time por moi tonight.  :(  But I’m already beat, and in about 1.5 hours I have to get back to working on the f’ed up system.  Some days I really hate being a computer geek…

Haven’t eaten either well or bad today….and I think dinner is just going to be some oatmeal.  I don’t have the interest in cooking.  I don’t even have any interest in pizza!  *GASP*  And I’m going to need my rest because I see the Evil Trainer tomorrow morning at 0900…and you know he’s going to be in the mood to kick my ass.  But I think he’ll be pleased with how I’ve done this week!  :)

Then I get to meet a friend and her baby for lunch.  We are both trying to lose weight, so we are going to Whole Foods and eating healthy there.  And then I can get a little grocery shopping in as well.  I was then supposed to go to dinner and the movies (“Julie and Julia”) tomorrow night with a couple friends, but I’m going to be spending the evening working on the system I’ve been working on for the past couple days.  And that sucks, but at least I get paid for every hour I work, so I am consoling myself with that thought.

I will make a point to get my time in tonight on the hated MagneTrainer, and then on Saturday, instead of swimming for 30 minutes, I’ll shoot for an hour.  That’ll make me feel better!

I did some surfing on last night and found some yummy sounding fritatta recipes!  Some not so healthy, but they can be adjusted to be healthier.  So I’m definitely ready for week one of banishing fast food next week!   Did I mention?  I’m banishing ALL fast food, not just the morning stops at McD’s…but also Wendys, Chick-Fil-A, Carl’s Jr, and the King.  AND their cousins Dominos, Papa Johns, and Pizza Hut.  NO MORE CRAP! That means I need to start packing my lunch…  And you know that will be both healthier and cheaper.