Is anyone else ready for this week to be the hell OVER?


Just when I think I’ve found all the stupid things a SysAdmin could possibly do to fuck up some systems, I find MORE stupid things!  Things that require downtime to fix, and therefore my time on the weekend.  *grumble*  If I ever have the misfortune to again encounter the moron the company fired, my foot is going to meet his ass…


My eating was okay today….not great but not horrible.  Still need to do my 20 minutes on the hated MagneTrainer.  And tomorrow night for my cardio, I’m hitting the pool.  It’s time to get back in the water!

So prior to seeing this post from Fat Girl to Fit Girl, I had been pondering ignoring the wishes of the Evil Trainer and I would weigh myself weekly.  However after reading her post, I decided that would give the scale way too much power over how I feel about myself.  Even though it’s still sitting out where I have to pass it all the time, I’ve been doing really well at ignoring the temptation to hop on and just check.  The Evil Trainer will be proud – he’d be even prouder if I got rid of the damn thing altogether….but it was expensive, and I need a scale for my monthly weigh-ins that can weigh me.

I’ve also been thinking about my McDonald’s habit, and how to break it.  I really like Smoke Yourself Thin’s suggestion to make a fritatta ahead of time and then have some of it for breakfast each day during the week…Okay I really like that she mentioned bacon, but that’s a whole other issue  ;)  So for next week, that is my plan.  Sunday evening I’ll make the frittata, and then I’ll have it packed up and ready to take to work each day!  Thanks Julie!