Today was definitely a Monday….and it kicked my ass.  Didn’t sleep well last night – I was dead tired, but I just kept tossing and turning.  And then it was another day of trying to figure out what drug the guy who got fired was doing and then trying to fix the shit he screwed up.

I did okay on the food – started out with an Egg McMuffin, but had some nice Pad Thai for lunch, and I’m having the Black Pepper Chicken with Somen noodles and dipping sauce from The Organic Dish (apparently I’m having a chicken-y/noodle-y day):


And I’ll have some fruit for dessert.  I’d call that a successful food day!  I then need to do some work but I’m aiming to do 15 min on the MagneTrainer – I don’t want to get behind on my cardio goal!