Bette Davis that is!  TCM is doing a 24-hour Bette-fest.  And I Bette Davis!  But I am very disappointed they aren’t airing “The Little Foxes“, “Of Human Bondage“, “Jezebel“, or EVEN “All About Eve!”  But at least I did get my “Now, Voyager” fix.

Didn’t get the morning walk done – mainly because I wound up sleeping until 9:30 (sublime…).  Haven’t ruled out a swim yet because I like to do that at about 10-11 at night when the pool is (hopefully) empty.  Why so late?  I HATE sharing lanes when I swim laps.

So today was my free day.  And didn’t, as I had feared, eat my way from one end of Denver to the other.  :)  I treated myself to a large frosty and a spicy chicken sandwich from Wendys.  It was exactly what I was craving.  Dinner is going to be sauteed chicken with green beans and pine nuts.  Perhaps Angus & I will take a ride for a sweet treat for dessert, or I may just have some fruit…

I did make one mistake today.  I was opening up windows because today wasn’t godawful hot and I wouldn’t be running the air conditioner and there was the scale….So I got on….and learned I was UP .4 pounds from yesterday.  But I didn’t let it get me down.  I am however going to put the damn thing in a closet where I won’t see it every day and won’t be tempted to weigh myself.