I survived the weigh in and measuring.  My spirit was NOT broken and the Evil Trainer really kicked my ass too.

We sat down and made some goals for the next month and here they are:

    weight – 357
    10″ total loss
    Cardio 5x a week, min 10 min each

My reward if I make ALL of them? The candy bar of my choice :D
And if I don’t make ALL of them? I have to do either 50 sit-ups or 50 push-ups – depending on the Evil Trainer’s mood.  But I’m confident I can make them…

He also said he doesn’t want me weighing myself every week – he doesn’t want to risk me starting up with the daily weighing (rightly so!).  So for now, I am only supposed to weigh myself every other week.  So next weigh-in will be on 8/21…

Stupidly I only ate a small banana before I went to work out….so on the drive home, I was STARVING.  I decided to stop at Wendy’s and have a Spicy chicken filet sandwich.  And OMG it was SOOOOO GOOD!  I didn’t have my usual large frosty with it, and I never get the fries there, so I think I did okay.