And I haven’t found the scale….well, to be honest I haven’t really looked at all for it.  I don’t think I want to have it tempting me every damn morning to get on and weigh myself.  Nothing good comes from that.

Now I know the gym where I see the Evil Trainer has a shit scale that I KNOW will not weigh me (I doubt it goes above 300).  So I have two options:

1.  Find my damn scale – I know it’s here, I found it when I moved, then shoved it back in a box so it wouldn’t torment me…
2.  Swim tonight and hope that 24-Hour has a good scale – I know the one I used to swim at had one like at the dr. office.  But I don’t really like the though of weighing myself around the skinny-minnies in the locker room.

Not sure which option I prefer at the moment…

Also got my first order from The Organic Dish today!  tomorrow I dine on Gnocchi Basil Pesto with Chicken….yummy!!!  Only sad is that I have to let it thaw overnight, or I’d be enjoying it tonight for dinner.

Need to figure out what to eat for dinner tonight!  Haven’t eaten much today so far, and I’m getting mighty hungry.  Obviously I don’t want a free day the day before I weigh in and get measured – don’t need the bloat!  I’m thinking Saturday is going to be my free day this week….i do have a chicken breast in the fridge – I guess I can come up with something using that and some veggies….