So I need a goal to work towards besides the number on the scale…because I am not going to let that dictate my success or failure with this journey.  And I think I’ve come up with a GOOD ONE!

I turn 50 in 2011 *shudder*, and to “celebrate” that and what will be my new healthy life, I want to participate in this:

St. Croix 5-Mile Coral Reef Swim Race

Now about 3-4 years back when I was down to 250 this race was something I wanted to do, of course I threw myself off the wagon, all the weight came back, and I lost the hope I had of being able to do it.  But that is NOT going to happen again!  Gonna do it this time!  I think just finishing the race will be a HUGE thing for me – I know I can get to the point where I can swim 5 miles in under 4 hours…

Why a swim race?  Why not  running or biking – a goal I can do closer to home?  Because I hate both.  But I have ALWAYS loved to swim (I don’t sweat swimming, and I HATE to sweat ;).  Although I have never swam in the ocean (since I live in a square state in the middle), I have done a lot of swimming in the mountain lakes here – they are FAR superior to pools.

Of course that means I need to get my ass back to the pool, and I really need to work on my technique – I can swim a long long time, but my stroke is HORRIBLE.  Beyond that, I’m not sure how I would go about training for something like s 5-mile open water swim.  But I know I’ll figure that out….

I also need to start doing cardio – something other than the MageTrainer (which I really hate).  So I guess I’ll be spending some time on the Elliptical at the gym – it’s really the only cardio machine that I don’t hate.

How to Weigh Yourself...I wish Friday would get here so I could have the weighing and the measuring OVER with.  I’m both dreading it and looking forward to it – I know it’s going to be bad based on the size of pants I’m wearing, but I’m hopeful that I’m really overestimating my weight.  I’ll consider it a win if the number starts with a “3” and not a “4” – not sure how the hell I’m going to deal with it if the number starts with a “4”….