I know I’m not eating enough, and I’m hungry ALL THE DAMN TIME!  But there is nothing in the house that I actually want to eat (craving baked goods currently).  I know I just need to get used to not being stuffed all the time, and that in a week or so I’ll be just fine….but I’m in the danger period right now…

DAMMIT and now Jackass is IM’g me about food!  Clearly the gods are against me today….

On the plus side, I did achieve one of this week’s goals – I placed an order for 5 meals from The Organic Dish  :)  I did 10 minutes of the evil MagneTrainer yesterday, plus the 25 crunches.  Aiming for 15 minutes on the MagneTrainer today.

I have to figure dinner out….can’t focus on anything else….should I make today my weekly free day and order some chinese????  Although that doesn’t sound good either….Other than baked goods, nothing really sounds that great….

Good lord I’m weak!  Well, maybe not weak, but lame!  :(

Okay – I think my snack of fresh blackberries with some vanilla-lavender sugar may kill the baked goods craving….  YUMMY!

As for dinner, looks like I have a chicken breast I can sauté and add to the leftovers from yesterday….so panic is over…everyone can stand down now….