I’ll be blogging about my quest to lose ALOT of weight.  My goal is 225, and I suspect at present I’m near 400 pound (yeah, I know *gasp*).  I’ll be doing my first weigh & measure on 8/6 and each month thereafter.  My intentions are regular posts, but you know sometimes life gets in the way.

I am not following any specific diet plan, no pills, no WLS any sort.  What I am doing is trying to eat healthier and cut the junk food/pizza out of my diet.  I don’t, however, plan on posting every morsel of food I put in my mouth – I can’t imagine anything more boring to read.

And most importantly I plan to EXERCISE (again, *gasp*).  I have a personal trainer, and right now I see him one time a week.  That means I have 6 days where I’m left to my own devices.  Currently ‘my own devices’ means a mini exercise bike (arrived today) and swimming (when the new suit arrives – hopefully in the next day or so).  I like swimming but I LOATHE all other forms of cardio exercise and I LOVE weight training.  Classes and groups are most definitely not my thing (I’m a System Administrator – and we are not known for playing nicely with others :) ).

One last note – I’m bulimic (recovering nicely) and a binge eater (not recovering nicely) – so those are the demons I constantly battle.  Yes, Virginia, you CAN be bulimic AND fat.

I’ve tried WW and OA – for different reasons neither were good for me.  I’ve also been through therapy – as part of outpatient program for the EDs, as well as on my own when the bulimia got bad again.  I’ve also been on anti-depressants – but to be honest, their possible side effects scared me more than the depression I was taking them for scared me.

I haven’t told friends I’m on the weight loss road again.  Contrary to conventional wisdom, it does NOT help me to have people checking in to see how I’m doing, or offering support – it makes me binge and want to purge.  So if you are reading this and you know how I am, just pretend you haven’t seen this okay?  ;)

Lastly – welcome to any and all who may be reading this…